What is a Manzilian?

The Manzilian, also known as known a “Boyzilian” “Guyzilian” or “Back, Sac & Crack” (BSC). This is how we at Manzilian differentiate between a Manzilian Wax and a Hollywood Wax;

The Manzilian = Crack up onto the sac and shaft then either a tidy or shaped pubic area
The Hollywood = is the same as above but total removal of hair on pubic area.
If you would like you can add Buttocks to either your Manzilian or Hollywood, please see our price list for guidance.
Both the Manzilian and Hollywood look is becoming more “en vogue” within the male population, it leaves you feeling smooth and groomed and most of all men find it heightens their self-image and sexual prowess, they can also find it more hygienic. The Manzilian & Hollywood helps them feel more comfortable with their naked body and means they are ready to impress at all times!

Question: Does waxing hurt?

Answer: I cannot lie, it may hurt, but that does depend on your pain threshold. However, regular waxing for most becomes practically painless and the first wax is usually the worst, it is a good idea to keep regular appointments and avoid shaving between appointments.  if you want to reduce discomfort. We use Lycon© wax which shrink wraps around the hairs instead of just sicking to them and is known to be the most pain free and low temperature waxing available.

Question: Why not shave?

Answer: Shaving stimulates potential hair growth and can strengthen the hair follicle. Shaving also cuts the hair at the hair shaft, which not only re-grows with a stubbly feel it can also itch, shaving allows the hair to re-grow the next day or in some cases the same day.

Question: What is the etiquette at Manzilian?

Answer: Firstly I will give you your privacy to get undressed, removal of your underwear is necessary for intimate waxing but you will be given a towel to cover yourself so please don’t panic! Most of the treatment your dignity will be kept intact as you use the towel to cover and hold the bits not being waxed out of the way, this also keeps the skin taught making your treatment much more comfortable. I will cleanse and prepare the area and apply the Lycon© wax a little at a time. The hair is removed and the procedure continues. By the end of your waxing we will be chatting about the re runs on Dave and you will have forgotten about your inhibitions.

Question: What if I get aroused during my treatment?

Answer: You may become aroused, an erection can sometimes help because it stretches the skin taut making the removal of the wax easier, so please do not feel embarrassed if this happens. However we do not accept anyone who would deliberately try to get an erection or expect any sexual gratification during their visit. We are here to remove body hair not to provide sexual relief!! We have a strict routine to our waxing procedure and would ask you to hold in the positions we ask.  Your therapist can refuse to wax anyone who she feels is trying to get sexual relief and not following instruction.

Question: I have previously waxed and found my skin became spotty and I had some ingrown hairs?

Answers: I do believe some people are not suited to waxing however this can happen for many reasons e.g. their skin has a reaction to the wax, aftercare not being given or adhered to or simply not taking care of the skin in the correct way in-between your treatments. At Manzilian we have created a system to open waxing up to more people who may not have been able to wax before.

Question: What can I do to prevent ingrown hairs or bumps?

Answers: Regular exfoliation starting a week after your waxing can help especially if you have a dry skin type. Here at Manzilian we use Lycon© and Forever Products© (Forever Products are Aloe Vera based). I have created a programme to keep your skin healthy in-between waxing to minimise and prevent ingrown hairs and bumps, this also helps to reduce any scaring from previous waxing bumps.

Question: How long does intimate waxing take?

Answer: This does depend on the density of the hair growth; the treatment can take between 40 minutes to an hour.

Question: What are the possible side effects of waxing and how can they be minimised?

Answer: Although we cannot predict or guarantee who may react, most clients do not experience reactions beyond redness and minor irritation. Please ensure you follow our strict aftercare advice to avoid any avoidable problems.

Question: How long should the hair be before I have a wax?

Answer: We can wax hairs as short as 1 mm but for best results ¼ of an inch or full growth of hair can achieve a better wax. Please do not feel the need to trim as shorter hairs are harder to remove.

Question: How long will the intimate wax last?

Answer: Everybody’s hair grows at a different speed, the Manzilian and Hollywood wax should last for two weeks for an overall clean look. Between four to six weeks is the average time in between waxing.

Question: Is it true that over time I will not have to wax anymore?

Answer: This is unlikely however the hair will start to grow back finer and start to thin out over time. This means that you will wax less.

Question: Will I be wearing anything when I have an intimate wax?

Answer: You will be given a towel to cover yourself with, the towel is then use to keep your modesty covered. I will need to uncover you from your towel as each part is waxed but replace the towel again to preserve your modesty.
If you do have any other questions or queries relating to Manzilian, please contact me and I will be more than happy to discuss these with you and help alleviate any concerns you may have.