About Manzilian

What is Manzilian?

Manzilian is run by Clare Cichocki the leading Male Waxing and grooming specialist based in Yiewsley inside a lovely unisex hair salon. Manzilian is the first place for men to come, to find out what women have known all along. It’s a time-saving way to feel good all the time as the results last for 4-6 weeks. Get back the youthful look you had before excess hair began to get in the way, from the only male waxing salon with a creative edge.

Why do I know what men want?

Whilst working in a gym as a beauty therapist, as the owner of a general salon for both men and women, I found that men would gravitate toward me for specialist services and advice including male waxing, as very few female beauty therapist feel comfortable working with men. Therefore they never gained the experience to know what men are looking for; namely, that groomed but natural look.

The Manzilian Experience

Using only high-end products with a remarkable finish, I aim to educate the individual, to ensure that you receive the best possible service, and gain an awareness of what is available for men. MY unique ‘Manzilian Care Systems’ will give a complete package, unrivalled by any other salons, eliminating some of the previous negative side effects you may have experienced from other waxing procedures such as; pain, bumps, ingrown hairs and scaring. With a loyalty reward policy, you are guaranteed to be looked after in the long-term.

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